Wage Earner Protection Program (“WEPP”) is available for eligible workers to be reimbursed for their unpaid wages and vacation pay that was earned in the six months prior to their employer declaring Bankruptcy or filing a Receivership under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Employees are also able to recover pay in lieu of notice for severance and/or termination pay they are owed up to a maximum amount of $8,117.34 (amount for 2022).

Employees will be sent a package by the Trustee’s office that contains an information/instruction letter, a copy of the claim that has been filed by the Trustee with Service Canada and a Proof of Claim that will need to be completed and submitted to the Trustee’s office. In order for the claim to be processed and the cheque produced there are three steps that must be completed:

  • Trustee files a claim with Service Canada on your behalf
  • You must file a claim with Service Canada
  • You have to complete and submit the Proof of Claim to the Trustee’s office

It is important that once you have received your WEPP package from our office that you also go onto the Service Canada website to fill out your online portion of the WEPP application.

For a direct link to Service Canada, click here.